Breathe!  Let me feed you lots of Air Fuel.  Just be sure the air you’re breathing is clean!

You can go months without food, weeks without water, but only moments without air. Did you know that you breathe in approximately 2,500 gallons of air every day? You breathe air in; you breathe air out. You worship it. You ignite fire with it. You transform your emotions with it. You digest your food with it. Breathing is unquestionably the most fundamental, life-giving thing you do!

Just make sure the air you’re breathing is clean.


Sadly, there’s a problem … Air Pollution!

Air pollution has become a major health concern, especially for children! It is estimated that more than 90 percent of our children breathe in toxic air every day. It is also estimated that 600,000 children die every year from air pollution alone.

The World Health Organization reports that “children are more vulnerable to the impact of air pollution since they breath more rapidly than adults, and thus absorb more pollutants at a time when their organs are still developing.”

Air pollution means air that is dirty!

So how on earth does air get dirty?

The solution to air pollution is…

Ecotarian Kids!

Ecotarian Kids have the power to transform the air we breathe in ways we haven’t yet imagined!  

Ecotarian Kids turn off lights and electronic devices when they’re not needed.  Coal-fired power plants create a lot of air pollution.

Ecotarian Kids love indoor plants and help their parents water them.

Ecotarian Kids love trees so they take really good care of them.

Ecotarian Kids walk or ride bikes to get around. Bikes don’t have exhaust fumes!

Ecotarian Kids encourage their families and communities, even the world, to dance the dance of life with Air Cloud.

Air Cloud says, “THANK YOU!”

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