The children of the world need your help! Most have been breathing dirty air, drinking contaminated water, avoiding the sunlight, and eating junk foods. Because of this, childhood diseases and obesity are on the rise.

While air, sun, and water pollution are huge contributing factors, food pollution and junk food eating are the biggest culprits.

Why is this happening? Junk food advertising! But the good news is, we can help! 

Research has proven that if you advertise cartoon characters becoming “superheroes” while eating their veggies, children will eat three times more veggies. Now that’s a game changer! 


Our goal is to create a children’s book series called Tales of the Ecotarian Kids. We will also be creating a series of animated cartoons on YouTube to help our children envision how they can become an Ecotarian Kid and participate with the BIG FOUR to save the children of the world!

We also envision an Ecotarian Kids Marketplace—a one-of-a-kind online store where adults and kids will find books, the BIG FOUR plush characters, backpacks, T-shirts, aprons, lunch boxes, mugs, clothing, and eventually a line of Ecotarian Kid’s superfoods, drinks, supplements, and various personal care products … everything organic or Fairtrade, of course.

If you see items on our website that are not our brand, just know they will carry our seal of approval, which certifies that they are among the healthiest, most sustainable products, EVER!






ECOTARIAN is organized as a benefit corporation (B-Corp), a novel new legal structure that allows companies to make a profit and exist for the benefit of communities and the planet. As a benefit corporation, ECOTARIAN is not a 501(c)(3) organization and donations to it are not tax deductible. If you would like to support our work with no strings attached—not an investment, not a tax-deductible donation, just purely a gesture of support for who we are and what we are doing—we welcome you to make your contribution directly to the ECOTARIAN KID’S project here:


A corporate sponsor is a company that supports a business or individual in return for promoting its services or products through the entity being sponsored. Being an Ecotarian Kids’ sponsor can enhance your image and visibility through having your logo on our website and our on-line marketplace for kids; differentiate your brand from competitors; help develop closer relationships with current and prospective customers; and showcase your products and services. If this is you, click here:

Investors make it possible for innovators to share their gifts, products, and services with the world. They are the lifeblood of any organization, but especially so for new organizations looking to grow their presence while creating a healthier future for all on planet Earth. ECOTARIAN is currently conducting a seed round of investments available only to accredited investors. If you would like to become an ECOTARIAN investor and participate in changing the world in a big way, we would love to hear from you, so please click here:


With your support


During phase one, we will be building our brand through social media and various forms of marketing. Available for sale during this phase are… Ecotarian Kids’ books, the BIG FOUR stuffed characters, and various merchandising items. This phase is critical for most businesses, especially a start-up company like ours. This phase will take approximately one year. 

Those who support our company during our kick off phase will reap the greatest rewards!


Children relate to their stuffed animals in ways no one fully understands. Visit any toy store with your child and you’ll soon be faced with him or her begging for whatever character or gadget stirs their feelings the most.

The BIG FOUR plush characters are designed to do just that!

Ecotarian Kids Merchandise


With your support


During phase two, we will be formulating a huge product line for our on-line marketplace. The fun part is that each of the BIG FOUR characters—Air Cloud, Fire Sun, Water Drop, and Earth Momma—will have their own products. This phase will be a continuous process as we journey into creating and formulating more and more products.  

The following products and items are ONLY the beginning!

Hi! I'm Air Cloud!

My job is to help kids understand the importance of clean air and consuming lots of Air Fuel every day. Your generous gift will help us supply them with Air Cloud supportive items.

Air Purifier

With your support, we are going to create clean air for kids with this amazing air purifier for their room. This item will be a subtle reminder of how important breathing in lots of clean air is. Best of all, kids are going to love it!  When it’s dark, it actually turns into a night light!

Teaching Kids

With your support, we are going to teach kids the importance of deep breathing while doing yoga through animated videos featuring Air Cloud, showing them how.

T-Shirts & Yoga Mats

Having Air Cloud t-shirts and yoga mats just for kids, will be a constant reminder of how important conscious breathing, mindful meditation, and movement really is!

Hi! I'm Fire Sun!

My job is to help kids understand the importance of soaking in lots of Sun Fuel every day by supplying them with Fire Sun Food & Drinks and various supportive items.

Sunscreen Smoothies & Lotion

With your support, we are going to create a line of Fire Sun antioxidant “Sunscreen” Smoothies and lotions, as antioxidants are known to protect our skin against harmful UV rays. We are also going to create a healthy Fire Sun sunscreen lotion for kids, as most sunscreen lotions on the market use harmful, toxic chemicals … Yuck!

Gummy Yummies

With your support, we are going to create a line of Fire Sun organic fruit juice gummy yummies infused with Vitamin D. Gummy Bears have been a huge hit for children over several decades, so why not give them a healthy, all organic choice?

Hi! I'm Water Drop!

My job is to help kids understand the importance of drinking lots of clean Water Fuel every day by supplying them with Water Drop drinks and various supportive items.

Healthiest Water Ever

WITH YOUR SUPPORT! We have found an aquifer in the U.S. that has been laboratory tested to be some of the healthiest, most pristine water available on the planet, and we have been given the rights to bottle it—in biodegradable Water Drop bottles!

Fruitti Fizz

Sometimes plain water just doesn’t cut it for kids! So, with your support, we are going to create a line of Water Drop sparkling water drinks made with 70% organic fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water that kids will love!

Organic Juices

Kids Love Juice! A line of Water Drop organic cold-pressed juices in biodegradable containers will be a hit! Yes, juice is 99% nutritionally-charged water!

Hi! I'm Earth Momma!

My job is to help kids understand the importance of eating lots of Earth Fuel every day by supplying them with a line of Earth Momma Foods and various supportive items!

Hemp is Hip

With your support, we are going to create a line of organic “Hemp is Hip” bars and bites for kids, all contained in biodegradable packaging, of course!

Hemp is Hip BARS & BITES

Hemp is Hip

With your support, we are going to create a line of organic “Hemp is Hip” granola and trail mix for kids, all contained in biodegradable packaging, of course!


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