As the author of The Ecotarian Diet, The Ecotarian Kids™ and the BIG FOUR, and founder of The Ecotarian Revolution™, my mission is to create solutions for our children and future generations to live the happy, healthy life on a happy, healthy plane they were created to live!

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky. As a child, I spent weekends roaming barefoot through the green fields of my grandparents’ farm, eating strawberries off the vine and carrots straight out of the dirt. Back then, I was a happy, healthy child, completely connected to nature and to the Creator of everything.

But then, everything changed…

The notion of “better living through chemistry” was born!

As BIG AG gained more control over the rural landscape, my grandparents were forced to leave the farm and join the rest of the family in town. Rather than pick our food from lush, chemical-free fields, we now bought processed junk foods at the corner store. Instead of snacking on strawberries or tomatoes from the fields, or drinking water from a clean babbling brook, we were now snacking on potato chips or candy and drinking soda from a fountain.

It didn’t take long for me to become a sad, sick child!


Why Ecotarian Kids?

My desire to help our children is rooted in my remembrance of how happy and healthy I was as a small child running barefoot and carefree through my grandparents’ lush green fields. Over the years, I watched as the industrial revolution take over our entire food supply.

Sadly, our children now believe that real food is sugary cereal from a box, a hot dog on a bun, pepperoni pizza & cheese, sugar-glazed donuts, or chicken nuggets washed down with a soda. Because of our children’s diets, childhood obesity, along with an array of related diseases, is now at epidemic proportions.

Our children need your help! They are our future and it’s up to us to secure it!

Kids Matter!

Welcome to the world of Ecotarian Kids!

The Ecotarian Kids™ and the BIG FOUR is my first offering for children. This book is built on a bedrock of love for children and a passion for creative, healthy solutions for them and the planet.


Yes, this is a business. Yes, we’re going to be selling things to support the Ecotarian Kids™ movement. With your support, we will be offering a series of Ecotarian Kids™ and the BIG FOUR books, as well as online Ecotarian Kid’s marketplace that includes, but is not limited to:

Books | Classes | Food & Drink | Superfoods | Supplements | Bath & Body | Organic Clothing | T-Shirts |Aprons | Backpacks | Lunch Boxes & Mugs | Stuffed “Elements” 

We are also envisioning a TV cartoon series featuring the Ecotarian Kids and The BIG FOUR.


I believe in the power of children to make a difference. They are, after all, among the most heart-felt, innocent members of society. If they are taught early in life how powerful they really are, and how interconnected they are with the planet, they then have the ability to use that power to save the world!



Ecotarian Kids say, "THANK YOU!"

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